Life is precious. Every life on this planet has the right to blossom and be what it can become. Support, Guidance, and Wisdom are a great help to be encouraged in life. And having someone that can truly be a spark in your life can be beneficial. This belief defines my being. I am here to support you, nourish you, and help you grow.


I have written a book about parts of my spiritual journey and how I came to know about my purpose in this life. In this book I am sharing words of wisdom that can be implemented in your life to improve your being. It also outlines some of the organizations and programs that are being offered to enhance your life. You can purchase your copy at www.InLoveWithTheDivine.com.


For many years I have had lengthy conversations with people who have asked for my assistance and with people I have met by chance. I have helped guide them as per my life experience and through divine wisdom. All of them have flourished in life.


I have been invited to many events and special occasions to speak and inspire people. It is an honor to share my passion with other people and empower them with the wisdom I have been given.


I have been given gifts with which I can help people on many levels. I have been enlightened through Yogic practices. After going through a 10 year journey of life transformation, The Divine helped me to create Self-realization and Blissfulness Technologies™ (SBT) concept through which anyone can flourish in life and become as Blissful as they wish to be.


I have owned and operated many successful businesses in several industries. I have experienced the growing pains and other challenges a business encounters, which inspired me to create the Business Equalizer™ program. I can effectively assist other entrepreneurs in their business journey through this and other programs that I offer.